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[25 Apr 2015|06:48pm]

If you ever check this... I messaged you on some of your other accounts. I would love to hear from you and see how you're doing.

get lost

A Darker Secret; Prologue && Chapter One [25 Jul 2006|12:35am]

Keira took a deep breath, pressing herself back into the airplane seat, as far away from the window as she could manage. She had all of her bags packed, all of the small things she couldn't bear to part with, and had run.

There weren't very many places she could go... Orlando was too close --far too close-- and going to her parents? She wouldn't last there for more then a week. She had to go somewhere she could feel safe, with someone she trusted, with someone she loved. With shaking hands, she gripped onto her plane ticket and dialled the only person she thought of. Johnny.

When he had answered the phone... Keira was the last person he had expected. But, he was none the less grateful to hear from her. He held onto the phone, trying to figure out why she sounded the way she did. He agreed that she could come stay with him for as long as she needed to and told her he would be there at 5 o'clock to pick her up. Hanging up the phone he realized what it was.

Keira sounded absolutely terrified.

Pushing it out of his mind for the time being, he started to pick up the random things he had thrown around his house, calling up Joaquin and Jake and letting them know he was going to be at his home for a while, and then getting in the car to go to pick her up.

Keira had never been more relieved in her life then to be at Johnny's house. They ate a quiet dinner, Johnny just wanting to let her sleep and get settled in. Worrying out Sean was one of the last things she wanted to do, but it was the only thing she could do. Not wanting to leave her room with tear streaked cheeks, she stayed in her bed, knowing that all she needed for a fix was probably somewhere in the city, and knowing that Johnny would not be one to not ask any questions.

And thats how he found out. And then... all of the secrets, all of the pain, surfaced all at once. But even still, a darker secret still lurked in the places the light couldn't touch.

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The Addiction Within, Prologue && Chapter One [10 Jul 2006|02:12am]

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. That was the life of every holly wood star, wasn't it? It was close to the oscars, and all of the biggest names in Hollywood were flooding into the city, taking up the biggest hotels, booking the best restaurants, and getting ready for one of Hollywood's biggest nights of the year. Jake Gyllenhaal and Joaquin Phoenix were no exception to the long list of actors, actresses, and artists alike.

Two of the biggest motion pictures, Walk the Line and Brokeback Mountain were placed under their names, and really, neither one of them expected to become friends. But, slowly, from talking inside the show, at the after parties, and even the day after, they were surprised how fast their friendship clicked.

When Jake pulled up the the large white house, number 356 to be exact, he waited patiently on the front steps for Joaquin to come to the door. Joaquin had been staying there with his girlfriend Amber for a while now, but today they had planned to just hit the town, hang out, talk, and do whatever. When Joaquin did answer the door, Jake was slightly surprised to what he saw.

Joaquin didn't look well... he looked tired --more like sick-- and unshaven, but Joaquin was persistant that he was alright. He was shaking, Jake noted, as he watched his friends scramble around the kitchen looking, searching for something.

"I'll, uh wait for you to get ready." Jake said softly. Joaquin half nodded and then went back to looking through the drawers and then in a few cupboards. He pulled things out as he looked for something, getting more annoyed when he couldn’t find it.

"Fuck.." Joaquin whispered. He was shaking more as he did so, but then pulled out the cutlery drawer, pulling it too far and everything fell out to the floor. "Fuck!" he screamed as he knelt down to pick it up. Jake moved over to help him pick up the drawer and the things that were in it. He positioned himself a little away from Joaquin and neither one of them said anything until the drawer was in place. When they picked it up, Jake stood and looked at Joaquin shaking.

"What's wrong with you? I know, it’s not nothing." And then the truth came out.

Joaquin had stopped drinking, killing himself daily by drowning himself in the amber colored liquid, but he hadn't stopped with the soft white powder he consumed in whichever way he could. As Jake sighed, watching his friend leap up and run to the other room, coming back out sturdy, smiling, and looking happier, he knew. Joaquin did need help with the addiction... but Joaquin would hear nothing of it. As far as he was concerned, nothing was wrong.

That was until it happened. Until Johnny --Depp of course-- flew out to be by the side of one of his closest friends in one of the scariest battles any of them would go through. Thats when the addiction started to consume him, and the fact that the unknown really can hurt you, became true. It was when Joaquin would find out, just how strong he was, no matter how badly he just wanted to give up, and give in.

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get lost

Running Deep, Chapter Two [10 Jul 2006|01:45am]

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get lost

Running Deep, Prologue && Chapter One [19 Jun 2006|01:57pm]

The curtains were still drawn, as they had been for almost three days. His wallet sat empty on the side, un-touched since...he couldn’t even bring himself to think of her name. He looked to his arm, as the new cuts began to burn his skin. His sister had left seven messages on his phone and had been calling him constantly. He didn’t want to answer. He was lost at what to do. He sat there wondering where she was now, the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. The woman who made him so happy, he never, once, thought it would change. And then he remembered what she did. Why she did it. And now he was alone. The only woman who made him happy, the happiest he'd ever been, has left him with nothing and but emptiness feels his body. He doesn't want to be on his own. But he doesn't want to be here either.


He sat quietly a chair he had dragged out to the beach. His bare feet nestled into the sand. Closing his eyes he breathed in deeply. Things had changed... but this time the change was good. Things were finally looking up again. He opened his eyes, looking out at the crystal clear water. So much had gone wrong. So many people had been hurt. But he would fix it. He hadn't meant to get the way he had. It was a mistake... everything was and he knew that now. By this time tomorrow, he would be thanking the man that helped him sort out everything. Smiling again he sighed and closed his eyes falling into his subconscious mind. By this time tomorrow, the scars would start to heal.


The plane landed. The flight had been long and, as soon as he stepped of the plane, the heat was already prickling his legs. He checked his watch and after grabbing his bag from the baggage claim and made his way through to arrivals. He scanned around and looked for Dom. He felt strange, not wanting to see him, not wanting to see anyone, but it was Dom who wanted him to come out. He sighed a little and waited. Stepping up from the escalator Dom spotted Billy standing near the chairs in the waiting area, eyes cast downwards. He walked slowly, pausing every couple of seconds to get a good look at his friend. It had been so long. Almost 2 years now... He felt guilty about not returning any of Billy's calls but... But, as he thought the night before, everything was going to change and he was going to make it up to everyone. Smiling now, Dom walked quickly, breaking almost into a run, to where Billy was. Throwing his arms around Billy's shoulders he squeezed. "Welcome to Hawaii Bills!"


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get lost

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