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Welcome to Fandom_Fic!
An RP Community with RPs by honaihaka_fala and _living_is_easy

Running Deep

Billy and Dom NC-17 rated RP
Angst. Drug use, cutting, depression, and sometimes fluff. sometimes.

In these shadowed lives, every scar runs deep
A falling saviour in the arms of redemption. Time that can heal a broken soul...
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Two friends are bought together by an un-imaginable journey. Becoming stars over-night, being thrown into a world they never thought was possible, the effects of being so famous in such a shot space of time shadows any past hurts they may've had.

Dominic Monaghan was just shy of finishing college, before he was cast in a television series, some small years later; he was suddenly cast in what was to be a blockbuster film, where he was flown to New Zealand, not knowing anyone or anything.

Billy Boyd was beginning to lose hope of his acting dream. Doing only one small television episode and an advert or two, he’d found his acting career had gone back to the stage. Just months before he turned thirty, he was cast and he, too, was flown out to New Zealand, leaving everything he ever knew far behind.

Some years have passed. The Lord of The Rings propelled both Dom and Billy into instant fame, and since then, their projects have been a collection of different things. For a while, Dom thought his acting break was through. He became depressed, there was no work, and he felt alone. Billy was there, telling him it would get better, and promising him it would be alright. And few months later, what Billy had said came true. Dom was cast for a hit show, Lost, where he was cast as one of the lead characters. But then, things changed. Something happened and it wasn’t the same as before. And it was only when those shadowed pasts were bought to light, that something could be done. That the change could be made. Even though those pasts, and the pain that came with them, were still running deep.

The Addiction Within
A Joaquin Phoenix and Jake Gyllenhall R rated RP
Angst. Major drug use, and violence. Mentions of Rape, self-harm, and death.

The addiction eats away from inside
From past hurts to present fears, what you crave isn't always what you need...
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October 31, 1993... River Phoenix passed away in front of Johnny Depp's Viper Room night club. One of the most beautiful, caring, sensitive people was ripped away from a crazed addiction gone wrong, and with him went the lives of countless others.

But one life... it seemed was ripped away completely. Ripped to shreds and fleeing with the wind along with his brother. 19 years old, Joaquin Phoenix fell to his knees, cradiling his brother's head in his arms as he dialed 9-1-1, a frantic phone call of lost hope, un-dying love, and un regretted fear, surged through television stations, on news channels, flooding into the pages of the New York Press.

The day River Phoenix died... Joaquin Phoenix lost his best friend.

Battling an oncoming depression, a fixation on drugs was formed, pulling him away from those that loved him, so maybe, he could be with the one he would always love. The one who was always there for him. The one he needed to survive. He needed someone that understood him, someone that trusted him, could talk to him, saw him for who he was. He needed his best friend back.

Battling his life and career, trying to stay strong for his sisters and mother while trying just as hard to find ways back to his brother, Joaquin never imagined meeting someone like Jake Gyllenhaal. He also never imagined being in the position he was forced into.

But sometimes, things happen for a reason. Sometimes, things can't be avoided... and sometimes, things have to be faced. For if they're not... Its a powerful thing, The Addicion Within.

A Darker Secret
A Keira Knightly and Johnny Depp R rated RP
Angst. Drug use, rape, death (though not main character), violence. Some self harm.

A creeping darkness, flooding inside
The secrets hidden away, threatening to tear and all secretly fear light.

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She holds a secret, locked away in the darkest corners of her mind, of her heart. Shadows hang over her, blocking out all stray strands of light that threaten to break through. The light means saftey, new beginings. The light is something good, something golden. Or... it should be. But in this case, the light could push her further into the darkness... into a place, she will never be able to get out of. For, once you're gone, fallen into the darkness... there is no coming out. This, is fact. This is the truth. This, is the life, Kiera Knightly has to live every day of her life. On her toes, aware of all around her. Being afraid, of anyone knowing, just exactly what goes on behind closed doors.

Pirates of the Caribbean; The Curse of the Black Pearl, became a block buster hit almost immediatly. Shown across the world, The daft captain Johnny Depp, Swashbuckling Elf Orlando Bloom, and stunning, daring Keira Knightly, were thrown into the spotlight. Smiles were worn around the streets, flashed across the papers and television, floated across the red carpets. But under Johnny's smile, he knew it was forced, it was played and rehersed. Keira's was plastered on for someone waiting at home, studying her every move. Behind the dazzling smiles of the beautiful... there is always something hidden and tucked away. Something in the shadows, that would have to be consumed by the light.

He walks quietly into the bathroom, sitting down against the tub. His eyes are closed, making the room darker. He tried to pull himself away, get himself away from this place he has been pulled into. Nothing was like it apperared... though he never thought it was. The warm sticky crimson pools from his arm, fleeing the poison running in his veins. The posion that tries to take over him. The poison that keeps him here, shadowed from the light. With curtains drawn, doors locked tight. The bottles are hidded under the sink, resting against the bag, new orders flying in. The truth, would destroy him, so even to himself he is hidden. And no one will ever know... what goes on behind closed doors.